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Kitchener Urgent Care

Onyx Urgent Care is a Kitchener urgent care clinic that offers solely after-hours medical attention. Onyx Urgent Care opened on July 8 2015. The urgent care clinic is located on 580 Lancaster St West, in Kitchener. It will be staffed solely by physicians with extensive experience in emergency medicine. This enables patients to receive the same quality of care as an emergency department. The clinic is directly on a bus route.

Grand River Hospital has some of the highest wait-times in the entire country, especially during the evening. Since many people in the ER are often there because they couldn’t make it in to see their regular doctor or visit a walk-in clinic during the day- we’ve created an evening clinic that enables patients to have their medical needs met in a much, much faster manner.

What is an Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent care clinics are similar to walk-in clinics with enhanced capabilities. Patients are given the same experience that they would receive at a walk-in clinic, in that they are typically treated on a first come first serve basis, with the exceptions of scenarios requiring immediate medical attention. They are able to treat more serious illnesses and injuries, and are designed with the purpose of reducing the amount of patients in an emergency department at a given time. An urgent care facility is equipped to handle a higher level of acuity; they can offer a wider range of treatments extending to fractures, lacerations, and diagnostic equipment for heart problems. We also offer treatments for common, non-life threatening conditions. These can include minor injuries like burns and sprains, and minor infections such as bladder, pink eye, sinus and sore throat, skin rashes, and upset stomachs. The clinic will also offer vaccinations, pregnancy tests, and routine physicals.

Kitchener Urgent Care Clinic Offering After Hours Medical Care

Additional Services

Our Kitchener urgent care clinic will be open Monday through Friday, from 6pm-11pm. The location also offers an on-site, after-hours pharmacy and a physiotherapy clinic. A separate entrance to the building houses Onyx Medical Aesthetics- one of the top laser tattoo removal clinics in North America.

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580 Lancaster St West, Kitchener, ON
Phone: (519) 896-6699
Fax: (519) 279-1585


580 Lancaster St W, Kitchener, ON
Phone: (519) 896-6699
Fax: (519) 279-1585
Website: https://onyxurgentcare.com
Email: info@onyxrx.com


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