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Patient Portal

Book Appointments & View Test Results with our Patient Portal

How to Login to Patient Portal


Click on this link to login to the system.

Click ‘Register’ and enter your information to create a new account. In order for your Registration to complete, you need to confirm your email address. Make sure to check your Spam/Junk/Clutter Folders!

The Portal allows you to:

  • Access your own medical records and lab results.
  • Book appointments for our daytime clinic
  • View if our staff have attempted to contact you

Book an Appointment

Our daytime clinic operates  by appointment only. You must make an appointment, as we do not accept walk-ins during day-time clinic hours. Please note, you can NOT book appointments for the evening clinic. If you would like a walk-in appointment, please visit our evening clinic during regular business hours. Appointments categorized as “General Appointments,” can only be booked 24 hours in advance.


Sign our Patient Consent Form

Please request access to your Patient Portal account at your next appointment. You can register for the Patient Portal even if you have never been a patient at our clinic, but in order to view test results and change/modify appointments, you must sign a Patient Consent Form in person at our clinic.


How to Access Your Test Results

Test Results are not accessible via the Patient Portal until you have signed the Patient Consent Form at our clinic. Your results will be available on Patient Portal within 7 to 10 days of being tested. Before your results are posted on the Patient Portal, a physician will review them in advance.  Follow the steps below to receive your results:

  • Login to Patient Portal as normal
  • Select: My Health Care
  • Select: My Test Results
  • Select: Ok
  • An email alert will be sent to you when your results are on Patient Portal.
  • Your results will appear under the Results icon.

You will need to follow these steps every time you’re tested and want to retrieve your results from Patient Portal.



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Do not use the website for medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

Under no circumstances should you attempt self-treatment based on anything you have seen or read on this site.

Please note that we cannot give medical advice over the phone or email.