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Onyx Urgent Care

At the Onyx Urgent Care Clinic, we strive to offer as many services as possible to our patients. We believe that accessibility is key- and with that, we are pleased to incorporate a Daytime Clinic, Virtual Medicine Clinic, a Sexual Health Clinic, and a pharmacy within the facility.

Our optimal location is directly accessible via Kitchener transit, and a 5 minute drive from the Grand River Hospital. By offering evening hours, we provide our patients with an opportunity to obtain medical attention in a timely and efficient manner.

Daytime Clinic

Our daytime clinic operates Tuesday-Thursday from 11am to 3pm, by appointment only. Our daytime clinic enables us to see patients who require a longer visit with a doctor and/or nurse. At this clinic we are able to provide biopsies, incisions and drainages, complex wound care, prenatal examinations, well-baby checks, and baby and childhood immunizations. We are unable to offer these services on a walk-in basis at the evening clinic.

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Virtual Care Clinic

Onyx is pleased to introduce our Virtual Care Clinic to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

With Virtual Care, you can book an appointment, see a physician, receive prescriptions, notes, X-Ray or Ultrasound requisitions, or paperwork for bloodwork all electronically, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Virtual Care is currently FREE to all residents of Ontario with a VALID provincial healthcard. Anyone without a valid healthcard can be seen for a $50 fee.

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The OPTIONS Clinic operates Tuesday-Thursday from 11am to 3pm by appointment only. We provide sexual health services and reproductive access, including medical abortions.

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